Amy Marks Joins U.S. Women’s Rugby Foundation As New Chair Of Corporate Partnerships

Nov 29, 2023

The U.S. Women’s Rugby Foundation (USWRF) has appointed Amy Marks, the Executive Vice President of Global Strategy for Symetri, a global provider of digital BIM, product design, and lifecycle technology solutions for the built environment, as its new chair of corporate partnerships. Known throughout the world as the Queen of Prefab, Marks played prop at the University of Florida, Northshore WRFC, and Morris Rugby. Her daughter Mackenzie props for Morris HS Girls RFC in New Jersey.

“I believe the fast-growing women sport of rugby has some of the strongest, smartest, and diverse women that would make amazing employees, executives, and leaders in the corporate world,” Marks says.

Marks adds, “By 2030, there will be up to 200 million construction jobs worldwide and at the same time, 41% of the construction industry’s workforce will retire. Our industry has a critical need for workers. In the trades, women represent only 3% and only 10% in the industry overall. Partnering with USWRF connects our companies to this potential workforce that we so desperately need.”

In this role, Marks aims to unite companies looking to diversify their workforce by increasing corporate sponsorships of teams, coaches, referees, and players across the country. “ I was inspired last year to seek out a role where I could expose not only the construction sector where I work, but the greater corporate world, to this untapped pool of talent when my daughter’s high school team had four players who also happen to be welders,” Marks says, “Focused, skillful, and committed. Those are just some of the leadership traits I see these young women bring to every match that can transition seamlessly from the rugby pitch to any corporate

A recent survey by Deloitte found that 69% of female respondents who make $100K+ annually and are in management or leadership roles within the corporate world played competitive sports.

“In the construction industry we're continually looking for more diversity,” Marks adds. “One thing that’s amazing about our sector is that our management pay rate for women is actually more equal to men than any other industry. According to, on average, women in the construction sector make $.99 to every dollar a man makes – more than the average of $.83.”

In 2024, the Women’s Rugby Coaches and Referees Association, along with UWRF will host its annual conference January 12-14 in Alexandria, Virginia. Marks is currently looking for corporate sponsors for the event to partner companies with their local teams from grade school to colleges and universities.

“This conference is an excellent opportunity for corporate sponsorships and companies to meet some of the biggest names in US women’s rugby,” Marks says. “Girls and women who play rugby are physically strong, determined, smart, and team-oriented individuals. These athletes, coaches, and referees make ideal candidates for management and leadership positions that companies and corporations need to stay competitive and be successful in business.”

Please contact Amy Marks directly if your organization is interested in partnering with USWRF for the annual conference or for other ongoing initiatives.


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